Pink Lipssss!

Hi my lovely ladies, I am back after a long time….I was so busy all these days so couldn’t write any post but now I am relaxed and thought of doing a post on my Current Favourite Pink Lipsticks…these pink lipsticks are the one I am using from last six month so I love almost all the four colours I am gonna show….check it out


1- starting from the back, the two lipstick are like my all time favorite and these kind of pink suit’s me so wellll….both are from the brand Colorbar and as in my earlier post I have told I love Colorbar lipsticks and have almost 12 to 15 of them ;). Coming back to colors one is baby pink and the other one is beaches pink.
2- and in the front , one is from revelon colorburst collection and I luvvvv this pink its not tooo barbie kind of pink and neither its too dark kind of pink…I just luv this one and I will surely repurchase it again. Other one is from Maybelline colorshow collection and is true fuschia pink color I use this one almost for night out or evening look.


My Natural Makeup !!!!

Hiii my lovely ladiezzz, so my today’s post is all about the makeup products that I use for regular basis. Actually 2 weeks back I had got a request  from two of my lovely followers regarding the makeup products that I use for everyday.
For regular use I keep myself very simple and natural and I don’t like using bold lipsticks or eyeshadows or ….heavy foundation. I prefer using my tinted moisturizer and nude to peach color lipsticks and definitely a black kajal and nude to bronze kind of blush.
So here are my products for regular use…


Okhay so starting with face, as I have told in my earlier post that I like using tinted moisturizer rather than using foundation so I use first my 1- Vichy B white med face moisturizer and then on top of that I use my 2- Bourjois CC cream which I mix with my Neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen SPF 50+.
And then….


I apply my nude to peaches lipsticks…so currently I am using Lakme 9to5 lipsticks shade Tea break and coffe nexus. These are such a perfect nude lipsticks for everyday use and goes so well with my skin tone. Also  from Colorbar lipstick.. shade Bare my all time favorite lipstick …and then from Maybelline colorshow lipstick…shade warm caramel.
So after I apply my lipsticks …I need to do little bit of work to my eyes …


So for my eyes I use my Lakme eye conic kajal and trust me when u r in hurry …just apply a black kajal and u r done…so for regular use I always apply and carry my kajal and of course a mascara… Currently I am using Revlon Grow luscious plumping  mascara …


Once m done with my face and eye ..I don’t forget to apply a hint of blush on my face…so again for everyday I use peach and bronzer color blush…currently I am using Colorbar Cheek illusion blushes shade Cinnabar and coral craving.
So this is what I like doing for my everyday look…let me know urs..thanks.

My Current Obsession with Eyeshadow!!

Hi my lovely frnzz, I have collected all of my current eyeshadows in which essence eyeshadows are new and a few are old but these are the eyeshadows that I have been wearing almost from the last three month and I just love them. In this post I am going to review those eyeshadows that I have been currently loving, so lets start.



The first one is a palette from nyx…I just love this brand especially for the lipsticks and eyeshadow …I am using ‘The runway collection’ and trust me ladies its a most awesome palette as this has color for day look or a neutral look , for night glittery and bold look and also to creat a smokey eye look.


This is from Lakme, its an Indian brand for cosmetics and this palette is ‘Desert rose’ and let me tell u gal this palette I purchased for the second as the shades are soooo pretty and little creamy in texture and super pigmented and the one with slight goldish shade I use it for highlighting my brow bone.


These two are from essence and actually from the last few month I have been purchasing essence products so frequently…m loving the eye shadows collection they have. So these one are shade ‘party all night’ which is a pretty metallic color with bit of shimmer and it actually kind of nude mettalic shade and I love this as I wear it for both my day and night look. Second one is ‘ Grovvy grapes’ and this shade just so perfect for me..and m gona buy many more from essence.


This palette is from the brand call Faces Canada and from this brand this is the only palette that I love most. It is a perfect shade of 4 lovely colors like from nude to baby pink to Lilly to purple color.
I also have huge collection of sephora and few Mac eye shadow that I will be posting soon..

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London Refreshing Wet Facial Wipes Review!!!

Wet wipes are one of the most essential part of my night skin care routine. When it comes to buy wet wipes I make sure that they do not cause any irritation or Acne to my face. My all time favorite wet wipes are Kara wet wipes makeup remover and Johnson’s baby skin care wipes with which I use to remove my makeup as well. But from last one week I have been using London Refreshing facial wet wipes ice fresh and its my favorite too now…so I am gonna review about this product in detail.


What does the product say–

London Refreshing Facial Wipes are made up of spun lace non woven fabric. It’s thick, soft and smooth. Enriched with Aloe Vera, gently cleanse and eradicate dust Gives a new look to your skin and make you feel fresh and clean.
Coming to packaging’s- packaging is same like all other wet wipes so  these are also packed in a thick sachet and has sticker on the front this keeps the wipes intact and hygienic.


What does this Facial Wipes claim –
It’s a beauty wipe that does 7 things


1- cleansing
2- moisturising
3- anti pruritic
4- deodorising
5- soothing
6- makeup remover
7- anti- bacterial
Okhay so my experience with this Facial Wipes so far, I am truly loving these wipes and I found these in one medical store near my clinic. It truly does what it claims, it removes all my makeup including my eye makeup so that is a plus point also it does not irritate my skin. Very soothing and soft, this wipes can be used every single day to cleanse our face. This one is alcohol free so again one more plus point but it does contain paraben which I did not like but that did not causes any pimple or irritation.
So I would recommend this London Refreshing Facial Wipes for everyone.

7 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired!!


Mistake 1- You choose monotone color.
Mistake 2- You use wrong under eye concealer.
Mistake 3- You skip under eye primer.
Mistake 4- You use too much of face powder.
Mistake 5- You skip moisturizer.
Mistake 6- You use wrong eyeliner color.
Mistake 7- You wear grey makeup. Makeup with gray undertones brings out grey coloring to all skin tone to make you look incredibly tired and much older.

Mini Budget Beauty Haul!!!

Hi frnz, I always used to think that the products that are pricier are good in terms of quality and ingredients but recently I thought of doing a little research and purchased some of the beauty products that are not even more than INR 500 and trust me I was wrong, these products are amazing and currently my favorite.


Okhay, so for Face- I bought Colorbar perfect match BB cream. Normally I apply light tinted cream with SPF as I don’t like to wear foundation or any CC creams as it makes me feel heavy. But this Colorbar BB cream I have been using every single day. It’s a light cover up BB cream with SPF 20 which I love about it and also it is paraben free and amazing for oily skin. This cost me INR 550.

Next for Face- Maybelline cheeky glow blush, this one is an amazing blush for regular use and is not highly pigmented but still gives a good glow to face. There are three shades available here in India and I bought the shade peachy sweetie as you all know how much I love peachyyy color when it comes to lipstick or blush. This cost me INR 275.

Now for Lips- I bought two  maybelline color show lipstick and I guess Maybelline is that one brand which makes amazing lipstick with good pigmentation at lower prices. I bought the shade fuchsia flare and warm caramel. I just love both the shades and warm caramel I am using almost every day. This cost me INR 275 each.

Finally eyes- essence eyeshadow, shade party all night from there mettalic range. I have been reading and watching a lot of review about essence products so finally I thought of giving a try to essence products. These are easily available in European countries but its hard to find here in India so I ordered online this eye shadow and I absolutely love this eyeshadow, richly pigmented and color is somewhat goldish with light shimmer and this can be worn at day or night…this was just INR 199.

Is Coffee Bad For Skin???


Good morning frnzzz… We all start our beautiful day with a cup of coffee, but some times we are so habituated that we drink coffee almost 3-4 times a day, sometimes after lunch or evening or before dinner. So in brief I will tell why consuming so much of coffee is not good for our skin.

Tannin is a substance which is found in both coffee or tea and this substance removes the water from the skin leading to dehydrated and dull skin. Due to more and more dehydration your skin finally starts getting wrinkle and so this also leads to early aging process.

So having coffee is not bad but having more coffee can surely give you a bad skin.

Clogged Pores And How To Keep Them Clean!!!


Being an aesthetic physician i am often asked by my patients, “doc how can i keep my pores clean and why do i get blackheads so frequently”. Its a very common problem of our skin, so today i am going tell u people all about clogged pores.

What causes clogged pores?

Underneath our skin are glands called sebaceous glands. The oil excreted by the sebaceous glands, called sebum, acts like a glue or thick substance to cling to dead skin cells. The skin cells are then excreted from the body through the pores to help you maintain healthy skin. Sometimes, as the glands expel these dead skin cells, it  gets build-up and your pores will get clog. The result is an infection called a pimple or blackhead.

blackhead and whitehead

How To Keep Pores Clean?

1- Use pore clearing cleanser that contains BHA or salicylic acid-  BHA is a keratolytic and it has ability to smooth the skin without causing irritation, reduce acne-causing bacteria and oil to prevent blemishes, all while penetrating the pores to help clear out impurities.


2- Exfoliate- as i have told in many of my earlier post the importance of exfoliating the skin, same thing is required to clean the pores also.

3- Manual extraction-  you must get manual extraction done either by doing it yourself or from an experienced beautician on a regular basis, at least once in a month.

images (3)

4- Advance aesthetic treatments- sometimes the pore become too enlarge in size and the sebum collection with dead cells is so much that just by using cleanser or manual extraction does not help. For such cases take help of aesthetic treatments by known cosmetologist. Microdermabrasion a mechanical exfoliation of skin and clogged pores. It thoroughly clean your skin, reduce acne scars, and remove any pathogens.

images (4)

Have A Beautiful Day!!!


A veryyyy Good Morning to all my bloggerrrr frnzzz….its actually a beautiful day for me as I have got 200 Followers which means 200 frndzfrndz from all around the globe. Thank u shoooooo much for motivating me to write mre n MRE…:)

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